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Support the Belt and Road initiative
Gather the forces of Chinese and overseas Chinese

As one of members of the Standing Committee of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the Vice President of Beijing Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Li Zhe fully plays his own role in the Federation and those returned overseas Chinese to actively build an exchange and cooperation platform for Chinese and overseas Chinese. He strongly supports the national strategy of the Belt and Road initiative, enriches its construction and cooperation connotation to promote the integration and development of Chinese people around the world and achieve win-win cooperation through the cooperation and exchanges at the enterprise level. Besides, he invested to support 2017&2018“ Global Chinese Spring Festival Gala”, which was held by the China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese in January 2017 and he planned to invest constantly in the careers of overseas Chinese to build a common platform to share resources and development and promote the cultural exchanges of countries along the Belt and Road in order to contribute to China’s building.


In 2013, Li Zhe promoted and funded the Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China to establish a special fund that had strengthened the interactions and exchanges in overseas Chinese. He proposed an initiative to collect wisdom of overseas Chinese, set up a dedicated think-tank, organize overseas Chinese enterprises to build the “Global Chinese Overseas Chinese Exchange” meanwhile cooperate with the Federation of industry and Commerce agencies to establish exclusive OCBC Bank and the relevant funds.

His organization of donation of precious Anti-Japanese
historical materials is highly praised

In 2015, Li Zhe and several patriots went to Taiwan for six times to deliver more than 1000 pieces of historical documents that recorded the invasion evidence of Japanese army, with a high value of research to Beijing, and to donate to the Overseas Chinese History Museum of China. This batch of historical materials is mostly written in Japanese, with a large quality, rich variety, long time span, covering military supplies, books, newspapers, documents and many other aspects. Their behavior was highly praised by the National Cultural Relics Identification Committee of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and other institutions, and won an universal approbation of overseas Chinese and their returned relatives.

  • Dedicated to Social Welfare, Being Rewarded “2018 Annual Charity Model”

    In 2018, the 15th China Charity List was released. With constant aspiration of “Making China More Beautiful and Life Better, Riverside Group has devoted itself to corporation development and social welfare undertaking. It has won the 15th China Charity List “2018 Annual Charity Model”.

  • Donate for Natural Preservation Organization, Support Environmental Protection Undertaking

    With regards to natural preservation, Chairman Li has provided financial assistance, totaled 9 million RMB, to The Nature Conservancy, the world’s largest international natural conservation organization for three consecutive years.

  • Introduce a branch of the Capital Library of China to create a harmonious community

    In order to provide citizens a more convenient reading experience and a classic, elegant and warm reading space, the Riverside Group spends a lot to build a Riverside branch of the Capital Library of China. The group also organizes festivals and garden parties in traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, to achieve the return and revival of traditional culture and build a more harmonious community.

  • Picasso public welfare exhibition has benefited 100 thousand viewers

    In 2016, after acquired authorization from Italy METAMOFOSI Art Foundation, the Riverside Group, associated with Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China and other institutions to organize the Picasso in China —the Art Exhibition of International Masters, in which 83 pieces of Picasso’s original masterpieces were introduced. It opened to the public for free. During the exhibition, it has been free to serve over 100,000 visitors, and held special group-performances for more than 200 primary and secondary schools, professional educational institutions, and charity educational institutions. It has brought benefit to the public in art education, with nearly40 thousand children came to the exhibition to visit and learn, public benefit from art education.

  • Build the Riverside Art Museum to enrich the cultural life of the masses

    The Riverside Group has built a privately operated public art museum, the Riverside Art Museum, with space of more than 10,000 square meters, established an academic committee and introduced multicultural communication and art education and experience to build the museum as a cultural platform that comprises many services, including exhibition, academic, education and art shops. Since its opening in September 2015, more than 500 public welfare exhibitions and cultural activities have been held here, of which more than 130 educational exhibitions, activities and seminars have contributed greatly to the construction of art and culture in the southeast region of Beijing.

  • Protect natural heritage, and renovate White Dragon Pond Royal Forest Park

    In order to protect natural heritage, Li Zhe has invested a huge sum to renovate the 1,700-year-old royal forest park and develop White Dragon Pond Scenic Area and the surrounding 55km2 of ecological land resources, which has great practical significance for the water supply of Beijing, the transformation of the overall environment of Miyun Reservoir, pollution control, poverty alleviation and the development of green environmental protection tourism projects.

  • Spend 100 million Yuan to create a product model with more public welfare

    As a successful entrepreneur and social activist, Li Zhe has never forgotten to give gratitude and feedback to the country and society. In 2007, he spent 100 million Yuan on the migration transformation of new rural construction of six old villages including Luohanshi. He constantly strengthens the construction of local natural environment, improves the living conditions of local villagers, and explores the development and construction path with more social and public values.

  • Build a Riverside Art Avenue to promote regional human settlements

    In 2003, the Riverside Group invested more than 100 million Yuan for the upgrading of Hongyan Road to plant around thousands of plane trees and purple blow maple, build on the ground and underground municipal facilities, and improve the regional ecological residential environment. After that, the Riverside Group also spent heavily to build the Riverside Art Avenue, Riverside Art Museum, and introduce Poly International Exhibition Center, Li Keran Charity Foundation, Zhang Yimou Studio, Wang Gang Studios and other cultural and creative institutions in order to upgrade the whole region as an international art district.