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Riverside Group Follow the Trend, Ride the Tide
Riverside Group was founded in 1993. Now it has 3,000 employees. Its investment projects involve finance, tourism, cultural industry, real estate, media and advertising, etc. Holding over 20 years of experience and wisdom in development, upholding the idea to “build the eternal beauty in life”, following the direction to integrated development of diversified industries, the Group supports China’s transformation and upgrading of health, culture, entertainment and tourism, while developing into a global leading integrated operator of cultural, tourist, living resources.
Development History
Development Path
  • In 2016
    The project of Zhejiang Riverside Six-flag International Resort officially started to operate.
  • In 2015
    World Leisure Organization chose Jinhai Lake in Pinggu District, Beijing,
    as the host place of World Leisure Games in 2020.
    Riverside Group & Six Flags hand in hand
    with a world-class theme park marched into Haiyan, Zhejiang
    Riverside-Poly Art Festival opened grandly,
    presenting a top-class art gallery in China.
  • In 2014
    Riverside Group and American Six Flags Group
    signed an agreementto jointly build the first Flagship
    Brand of Six Flags Theme Park in Asia.
  • In 2013
    We have started the construction of the only super 5-star boutique hotel
    on the national coast in Mount Lao, Qingdao,
    to improve the level of the national coast in Mount Lao
  • In 2013
    Riverside Yacht-Anchor Villa was completed perfectly
    and became the world’s first patented building protected
    by “Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property”.
  • In 2008
    Riverside Group’s most magnificent baroque
    architectural complex in Beijing——Platinum Palace
    started business and became the most internationalized
    high-end hotel, office building and commercial property in Beijing.
  • In 2007
    Riverside Group won a global gold prize of
    the “International Awards for Livable Communities” again.
  • In 2006
    Riverside Group won a global gold prize of
    the “International Awards for Livable Communities”.
  • In 2003
    We began to construct China’s best and largest
    high-end health, tourism and leisure industry park,
    which covers 22 square kilometers of land.
  • In 1997
    We built the most high-end and luxury
    million-㎡ mansion project in Beijing,
    which became the benchmark for Beijing mansions.
  • In 1993
    Riverside Group was registered and founded
Group Strategy
Group Strategy
one core, two wings, three engines
Riverside Group has built a strategic system
with cultural tourism as strategic core,
resource integration and capital operation as two wings,
urban high-end residences,
large theme recreational projects,
leisure holiday resorts as engines,
to become a global leading integrated operator
of cultural, tourist, living resources in the end.
Core Areas
Core Areas
Enterprise Culture
Company Culture

Enterprise Tenet

Integrate global wisdom, construct century-standing quality products

build an eternal brand

Enterprise Spirit

Innovation, tolerance, gratitude, praise

Humanistic Spirit

Challenges, opportunities, practical work, persistence

Outlook on Work

Work cheerfully, live happily

Cultural Core
Humanism, craftsmanship
Senior Management Top Management team

Li Zhe Riverside Group’s Board Chairman

Zhang Xiaomei Executive Director and CEO of Riverside Group

Shi Yunfei Riverside Group’s CEO

Enterprise Honors Enterprise honor

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