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Group Profile

Founder of World-class Towns

Riverside Group, founded in 1986, dedicates to world-class towns development and operation. It comprehensively integrates 300 international IPs including American Six Flags and World Anti-Aging Biomedical Association, to achieve the leading position of culture entertainment and big health industry. It aims to create world-class qualified life for Chinese people. Pool global wisdom and create extreme brand.

Management Team

  • Li Zhe

    Board Chairman of Riverside Group

    Helmsman of Riverside Group

    MBA of Peking University, EMBA of CKGSB
    Director of the World Best Practices Steering Committee of United Nations Human Settlements Programme
    Member of the Standing Committee of China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs
    Honorary President of Beijing Chinese Business Association
    Vice-President of Beijing Returned Overseas Chinese Federation
    Director of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries
    Director of The Nature Conservancy
    Vice-President of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce
    President of first council of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Characteristic Towns Branch

    For the thirty years since the Group founded
    Li Zhe has led Riverside Group to deeply plough in culture entertainment, health, real-estate industries
    In order to achieve the aim of "Founder of World Class Towns, Leader of Global Culture Entertainment and Big Health Industry",
    He is continually stepping forward

    Among all his works, Riverside International Garden Community
    Was awarded global gold award of International Garden Community Contest issued by UN twice
    Beijing Jinhai Lake International Tourism Resort
    Was praised of the Most Popular Resort Area for the Asian Tourism Red Coral Award
    The Yacht Anchor Villa
    Is the first protected patented work for construction products by the Paris Convention

  • Zhang Xiaomei

    Executive Director and CEO of Riverside Group

    Ms. Zhang Xiaomei once worked in state organs, and engaged in advanced financial management. In 1999, she entered into a Fortune Global 500 American-invested enterprise, and acted as a member of the top executives in China, in full charge of the market and brand marketing in Greater China. In 2011, Zhang Xiaomei assumed the role as a senior management member in China’s first brand of commercial real estate – Wanda Group, and took charge of the operation of Wanda’s high-end business platform. Since 2013, she has been serving as the President in Riverside Group. Under her leadership, Riverside Group has realized a successful transformation, and became an emerging strength in China’s cultural tourism health industry.

  • Zhou Ke

    Riverside Group Director, Senior vice president,
    Dean of Planning and Research Institute of Riverside Group

    Nearly 30 years experience in real estate industry, hotel industry, culture, tourism and vacation industry
    Good at marketing and integrated operation management
    Cross-boundary experience is abundant
    Good at domestic and foreign top-level resource integration
    Excellent creative planning ability
    Participated in the planning and construction of the jinhai lake international tourist resort area

  • Cui Hong

    Riverside Group Director, Senior vice president

    Bachelor of finance, Beijing Technology and Business University
    More than 20 years of large-scale group human, audit and other management experience
    good at human resource management, monitor audit
    Good knowledge and practical experience
    Responsible for overall planning and management of supervision and audit work of Riverside Group

  • Sun Jiquan

    Riverside Group Director, Executive President

    Master of Construction and Real Estate Management in Hong Kong Polytech University, international registered investor in real estate industry of American Registered Commercial Investors Association, many years of large-scale enterprise group management experience, rich achievement and practice of commercial, real estate, culture tourism management, overall planning of Riverside Group’s operation and leading excellence in marketing.

  • Ling Zhenwen

    Riverside Group Director, CHO

    Bachelor of industrial automation, Shanghai university
    Member of China's democratic establishment
    Over 20 years experience in human resource management in large group
    The research and practice of human resource management in the travel industry is carried out
    Responsible for overall planning and management of human resources of Riverside Group
    Focus on structured talent recruitment, personnel training, performance management

  • Company Vision

    Make China More Beautiful, Make Life More Wonderful

  • Company Culture

    Virtue, innovation, excellence, win-win

Development History

  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • On January 10th, 2018, French Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs, HNA PV, CDB Urban Transportation Fund and Riverside Group held the strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony, reaching common and friendly consensus on the long-term mutual benefits of cooperative business model.

  • 2nd August 2017, Grand opening of Zhejiang Riverside Themed Town Exhibition Center

    July 2017, Theme town Branch, China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce formed. LI Zhe was elected President of the first council, Zhang xiaomei was elected President of the first council.

    February 2017, The 8th China real estate annual conference and the first all-in-one real estate chamber of commerce conference was held in Beijing. Zhejiang Riverside Themed Town won the "China cultural tourism industry annual award"

  • In July, riverside group and the six flags entertainment group of the United States and signed a cooperation agreement with bishan district government of chongqing municipality to jointly build the "chongqing Riverside Themed Town".

    In June, "2016 China enterprise competitiveness summer summit" was held in Beijing. Riverside Group is honored as "best travel innovation enterprise" award.

  • Riverside Group & Six Flags hand in hand

    with a world-class theme park marched into Haiyan, Zhejiang

    World Leisure Organization chose Jinhai Lake in Pinggu District, Beijing,

    as the host place of World Leisure Games in 2020

    After 15 years of carefully crafted China's first top art block, Riverside Art Avenue has been unveiled in the east third ring of Beijing.

  • Riverside Group and American Six Flags Group

    signed an agreementto jointly build the first Flagship

    Brand of Six Flags Theme Park in Asia

  • Yatch Villa obtained the first construction product patent protected by Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.

Enterprise Honor

  • 05/2018

    2017-2018China Real Estate Design Award,culture and tourism integrated property

    Merit Award

  • 04/2018

    2018 Charity Example

    china chrity (2018) ranking

  • 02/2018

    Industrial Economy Annual Report,Zhejiang Riverside Themed Town

    2017 Leading Characteristic Towns

  • 02/2018

    Mrs. Zhang Xiaomei, Executive Director and CEO of Riverside Group

    2017 Industry Influential Figure of the Year

  • 02/2018

    The Beijing News Benchmark of Real Estates Awards, 2017

    2017 Annual Innovation Characteristic Town

  • 02/2018

    2017 Annual Best Strength Brand Company

    Riverside Group has been awarded as

  • 12/2017

    2017 China's Public Welfare Annual Meeting

    2017 China's Public Welfare Enterprise

  • 09/2017

    The most expected destination for culture based tourism
    the “Red Coral Award of Asia Tourism 2017”

    The most expected destination

  • 07/2017

    Boao Real Estate Forum 2017

    Award for Leading Enterprise in Culture and Tourism

  • 06/2017

    2017 The 14th China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands Summit

    China's 500 most valuable brands

  • 03/2017

    Zhejiang Riverside Themed Town

    China cultural tourism industry annual award

  • 11/2016

    Riverside Group apartment won
    The Best Serviced Apartment

    Platinum Award

  • 10/2016

    riverside group joined


  • 10/2016

    Riverside Group
    2016 China real estate development enterprise brand

    top 10

  • 10/2016

    Rvierside Group won 2016

    Performance improvement best practices award

  • 09/2016

    Riverside Group
    Jinhai Lake International Resort

    Most popular resort & theme park

  • 09/2016

    Riverside Group

    The most promising tourism real estate brand

  • 06/2016

    Riverside Group
    2016 China enterprise competitiveness summer summit

    "Best travel innovation enterprise"

  • 03/2016


    TOP 100 China real estate development enterprise

  • 03/2016

    Chinese real estate development enterprise innovation ability
    Riverside Group

    TOP 10

  • 02/2016

    Riverside Group
    Jinhai Lake international Resort

    Best vacation real estate of China 2105

  • 01/2016

    Riverside Group

    Savoring the otaku influence awards 2015

  • 01/2016

    Riverside Group

    Chinese institutional investors recommend high growth new houses

  • 01/2016

    Riverside Group

    Best travel innovation enterprise

  • 12/2015

    Riverside Group
    Chinese real estate development enterprise innovation ability 2015

    TOP 10

  • 12/2015

    Riverside Group
    China real estate development enterprise

    TOP 100 2015

  • 12/2015

    riverside group

    China's annual tourism innovation leading enterprise

  • 12/2015

    riverside group

    China's best literature travel industry model award

  • 11/2015

    Riverside Group won
    the global gold prize of the

    “International Awards for Livable Communities”

  • 11/2015

    Riverside Groupwon
    the global gold prize of the

    “International Awards for Livable Communities”

  • 11/2015

    Riverside LAVIE

    Best Serviced Apartment of China

  • 11/2015

    Riverside LAVIE

    Best Serviced Apartment of China

  • 11/2015

    Beijing Jinhai Lake international Resort

    Elite Award for Best Development Innovation and Practice

  • 11/2015

    Riverside Group

    Most Credible Brand Enterprise

  • 11/2015

    riverside group

    Top 100 of China City (Town) Operators

  • 11/2015

    riverside group

    Top 100 of China City (Town) Operators

  • 11/2015

    riverside group
    Jinhai Lake international resort

    2015 China real estate outstanding brand project

  • 11/2015

    Riverside Group won
    the“2015 Top 100 Brands of China Real Estate Companies”.

    Top 100 Brands of China Real Estate Companies

  • 11/2015

    Riverside LAVIE

    Best Serviced Apartment of China

Social Responsibility


Riverside Group has made outstanding contributions in the renovation ofhuman settlements,

cultural and artistic protection of natural heritage,

socialwelfare and other fields