Zhang Xiaomei
Executive Director and CEO of Riverside Group
Zhang Xiaomei, born in Sichuan, graduated from Capital University of Economics and Business, and got an EMBA Degree from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Now she is Executive Director and CEO of Riverside Group,Member of Shanghai Youth Federation,and also Deputy Chairman of Joint Committee of Sino-Euro Urbanization and Industrial Sustainable Development.

Career and Achievements:
Zhang Xiaomei started her career in state organs, and engaged in advanced financial management.
Conforming to the trend of the times, Zhang Xiaomei threw herself into the business world. In the following 12 years in her career, she worked in a Fortune Global 500 American-invested enterprise, in full charge of its brand construction and marketing in Greater China. As a member of the leading body in China, she led the enterprise to impressive achievements. 
 In 2011, Zhang Xiaomei assumed the role as a senior management member in Wanda Group and took the office of General Manager in Wanda Department Store Group, to be in full charge of Wanda Department Store Group’s business planning and commercial tenant attracting, as well as Wanda Boutique Shopping Center’s business planning and commercial tenant attracting.
Since 2013, she has worked in Riverside Group as Executive Director and CEO. Under her leadership, Riverside Group has realized overall professional management, industrial structure optimization and upgrading, as well as leap-forward development.