The Host Place of 2020 World Leisure Games—Jinhai Lake
A World-class Lake & Island Holiday Resort

The international scenic area and holiday resort gathering the wisdom of global 100 designers and top design institutions occupies 22 square kilometers of land. 147 top-class customized villas spread along the best landscape area of Jinhai Lake’s south lake. It has No. 1 Hotel, Jinhai Lake Resort Hotel, Jinhai Lake Food Culture Center, Health-preserving Anti-Aging Center, 10 clubs, such as the Yacht Club, Equestrian Club, Helicopter Club, Golf Club, Outdoor Sports Club, SPA Club, as well as other high-end facilities and services.

  • A Stretch of Landscape, A Glimpse of China

    6.7 square kilometers of glistening lake, 22 square kilometers of extraordinary kingdom; lakes, mountains and islands lying around idly in the depth of time; flowers, grass and trees hidden in the ongoing seasons….here is the most beautiful glistening lake area in Beijing. Here, 52 high-end projects are created by Riverside Group with an investment of 20 billion, hand in hand with over 100 global top institutions over 10 years, exclusively for global successful people from all circles.
  • The Sea and the Sky Become One, A Great View in the Universe

    The 22 square kilometers realm of mountains and lakes has 12 top-class clubs, 6.5 square kilometers of water area, 120 million cubic meters of water, a 95% green coverage rate, over 25% negative oxygen ion content, which is 1,200 times of that in the city. There are over 500 kinds of wild plants, over 100 kinds of wild animals, 22 kinds of wild fish, more than 20 kinds of organic fruits, over 40 kinds of organic vegetables, over 60 kinds of herbs, and more than 10 historic and cultural sites, etc.
  • Jinhai Lake Yacht Resort Hotel

    Located in the inner lake area of Jinhai Lake exclusive to VIP, it’s the only starred hotel with yacht as theme in Beijing. Run by China World Summit Wing, the hotel has 67 deluxe rooms, as well as recreational places like the bar, gym, bowling alley, SPA, and a meeting room that can hold 100 people. The hotel provides Japanese fancy Teppanyaki, boutique chafing dish and other delicious dishes.
  • Jinhai Lake Yacht Resort Hotel

    The international standard bowling alley can let you feel the fashion and aloof feeling of leisure sports. The pool room with both American 8-ball pools and British snooker pools provides guests with a space to show their skills. In the gym equipped with complete professional facilities, you can sweat while enjoying the beautiful lake view and mountains outside the window. The comfortable and cozy bar will let you feel relaxing and unhurried. Human and nature become one this moment.
  • Jinhai Lake No.1 Hotel

    The total floor space is 14,750㎡. The hotel has 6 floors, 25 guestrooms. The presidential suite is 703㎡. Every guestroom has a 180-degree lake view. The 300㎡ luxury lobby’s floor is coffee flower marble, dome is entirely birch, fireplace is covered with fine pebbles. The magnificent style is obvious.
  • Jinhai Lake No.1 Hotel

    The hotel has a coffee house, French restaurant, red wine and cigar exhibition hall, Chinese dining rooms, VIP boxes. Here you can taste classic food from different countries without going out. VIP Suites enjoy 24h personal butler service. From unpacking and packing luggage, check-in and check-out, room service, morning call, food ordering and delivery, laundry and ironing, ticket booking, trip scheduling, and even secretary service, everything can be done by our well-trained personal butlers. The hotel specially set a conference hall and multifunctional hall with high-end decoration and complete facilities to provide people from all circles with a venue for summits, forums, gatherings and meetings.
  • No. 1 Villa

    Located on the south of No. 1 Hotel, No.1 Villa has a total floor space of 607㎡, usable area of 400㎡. The decoration shows a typical American country style, elegant and solemn. It gathers the best elements in different architectural styles. The layout and hue are designed for comfort, stressing “return to nature”.
  • Jinhai Lake Yacht Club

    There are 10 public marinas, 100 private berths. The club has many kinds of boats, such as Princess 50 luxury yachts, Lagoon 440 catamarans, American Mercury multifunctional yachts, Harris fishing boats, motorboats, shark submarines, hovercrafts, etc. We provide high-end services like yachtsman training, business PR activities, luxury weddings, and private yacht management for Jinhai Lake villa owners, covering all-round services including the berth, maintenance, supplies, etc.
  • Jinhai Lake Aero Club

    Jinhai Lake now works closely with Eastern General Aviation Corporation, manages helicopters produced by Bell Helicopter of USA, provides customized services like air tours, pilot training, charter flights for travel or transportation, aerial video shooting, airplane exhibitions, aerial weddings, etc, to create the only upper class aero club in Beijing.
  • Jinhai Lake Golf Club

    Jinhai Lake specially invited Jack Nicklaus to the golf club 7 times, to design the golf course named after him in person, which is the only one in China so far. Run by the world’s most famous golf management company IMG, the club aims to become a global top holy land for golf. Jack Nicklaus’ nickname is “Gold Bear”. He is the best professional male golfer in the 20th century, a world top-class golf course designer. Known as a hall-class master in global golf world, he is called a “great legend on the golf course”.
  • Jinhai Lake Equestrian Club

    Using the experience of other countries developed in equestrianism like Britain for reference, Jinhai Lake plans to build 2-3 world-class Equestrian Clubs, design over 60km of cross-country bridleway and other bridleways, and invite European and American equestrian coaches to provide equestrian enthusiasts with professional instructions. So far, it has Akhal-teke horses, pureblood Japanese horses and other famous horses in the world.
  • Jinhai Lake SPA Club

    Jinhai Lake SPA Club integrates the subtle techniques and skills of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Korean SPA, and makes innovation in massage care, facial care, pedicure, and other physiotherapy services on the basis of Suriyathai SPA, to help you regain mental and physical health from vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste and feeling in an all-round way.
  • Jinhai Lake Fishing Club

    Jinhai Lake Fishing Club is a fishing club exclusively serving high-end guests, an ecological fishing platform set on the lakeside of Jinhai Lake in virtue of the platforms of yachts and helicopters, as well as the benign linkage between the clubs and restaurants. Jinhai Lake fishing is classified into land fishing, professional boat fishing, lure fishing, and net fishing. Guests can choose the way of fishing freely. Here you can enjoy different gains and excitement in your spare time. You also can use our Harris Fishing Boats from USA to fish on the lake, or enjoy the moving lure fishing.
  • Jinhai Lake Harvest Club

    Jinhai Lake Harvest Club specially provides high-end guests with leisure fun of agriculture and green food. We have dozens of kinds of fruit trees, such as Pinggu Peach, cherry, strawberry, date, apple, walnut, grape, for you to enjoy the fun of harvest.
  • Jinhai Lake Reservoir Fishery

    In the primitive natural environment, Jinhai Lake produces over 20 kinds of wild fish, more than 30 kinds of seasonal wild vegetables, as well as all kinds of fruits. Our Agate-like Braised Pork, Firewood Cooked Fish Stew and other characteristic dishes will liberate your taste buds. Pinggu Peach has got the Protected Geographical Indication and been recorded in Guinness World Records.
  • Jinhai Lake Island Restaurant

    Jinhai Lake Food Culture Center provides you with high-class Chinese dishes of Jinhai Lake features. The dishes are mainly new school Cantonese cuisine, supplemented by Jinhai Lake’s rich special local products and wild animals. The most characteristic are the over 20 kinds of wild fish and more than 30 kinds of seasonal wild vegetables. A seat with a perfect view let you enjoy the landscape while stuffing your face with delicious food. Fresh and unique, exquisite and innovative, our dishes will let your have a perfect meal.
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