Riverside Group
Central Park

Riverside Central Park is located in the 3rd East Ring Road CBD, in the heart of the collectable central area. The project boldly adopts innovative urban gardening techniques to create an urban fairyland for human habitation where “every hill is a world, every stream is a paradise”.

Riverside Central Park

An Epic of Architecture, A Model of Human Habitat

The whole community of Riverside Central Park adopts super-low density development. The community’s site area is about 196,000 m2, built with 19 unit combination small high-rises. The total floor space is only 250,000 m2. The green space is as high as 128,000 m2. The community has a 12,000 m2hill and a 19,000 m2water system to create the most livable and comfortable environment. This is the only one beside the 3rdEast Ring Road of Beijing where land is as previous as gold. It also is a pioneering work of Riverside Group to “Build Urban Landscape”.

Project Honor: consecutively won the highest honor of world’s living environment – “the International Awards for Livable Communities” of the United Nations in 2006 and 2007.