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Jinhai Lake scenic spot is located in Beijing Pinggu District. Covering a land area of 22 square kilometers. With the vocation tour industry as the core and the development of supporting industries, to create a multi-level park industrial system.

Holiday travel industry

  • Riverside Jinhai Lake

    It is a leading brand for global holiday tourism and world level resort for leisure and fitness keeping, regarding as “World Leisure Port, Eastern David Camp”.

    Jinhai Lake International Tourism Resort contains 5 industries, 10 clubs, 12 leisure categories, and more than 400 tourism and leisure items.

  • White Dragon Pond Royal Forest Park

    The Holy Land of Ancient Emperors, Now the Private Property of Riverside

  • Riverside Abalone Peninsula

    Riverside Abalone Peninsula is located in Laoshan scenic spot, Qingdao. The project is designed to be a 5-star resort hotel.